Rethink caries management.

Consider Silver Fluoride.

The ARM-ER Approach
to Caries Management

‘ARM-ER’ stands for the following:

  • MANAGE with EDUCATION, then either:

The acronym ARM-ER explains a frontline approach to caries management whereby the caries process is assessed, and the status of the caries is redefined as (active or arrested). This then allows time for a management protocol to be developed which allows appropriate treatment planning for the individual patient.

The use of silver fluoride materials (AgF, AgF/Snf2, or SDF), all of which have remerged in recent years, is essential. The use of silver fluorides is currently the only means of obtaining both immediate and ongoing indication of the status of the caries process. and therefore, provides opportunities to engage currently accepted approaches to conservative caries management.

This management strategy includes a variety of appropriate modern day restorative materials and techniques, the assessment and planning of recommendations which will offer ongoing improvement in the patient’s oral health status and patient education and involvement in their future oral care plan.

SMART Caries Management

  • 1
    Carious lesion, pre-treatment.
  • 1
    Silver fluoride applied – black diamonds!
  • 1
    Cavity margins prepared atraumatically.
  • 1
    GIC restoration placed.

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